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Kim Moore

I help people get UNSTUCK in relationships by asking the right questions, connecting dots and offering a fresh pathway forward. I do this through coaching, speaking, books and podcasts.

I Believe

Everything in life hinges on 3 key relationships: God, ourselves (Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength), and others. How we respond makes or breaks marriages, families, friendships, faith and business communities-even entire nations!

As a coach, writer, and teacher, my desire is to equip you with tools that enable you to experience the freedom and peace of God in all of your relationships.

As Your Coach…
What Makes Me Different?

I sift through your “stuff” and quickly identify root causes. What has taken thousands of hours and dollars with other therapists or coaches we accomplish in a much shorter period of time. I am skilled at asking the “heart” questions, finding patterns, and connecting dots that reveal where and why you’re stuck. Once we identify the root cause, we work together to remove the barriers that prevent you from experiencing freedom. You can expect to receive practical tools that you can apply immediately. Contrary to traditional relationship counseling, there is an end to coaching and new beginning that awaits you.

Books by Kim

Kim offers a fresh perspective on relationship and truth. Check out her books below:


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Kim Moore is one very special lady! Whether I am with her 1:1, in a small group, or just hanging out, she has a way of speaking that always affects others, including me! I have known Kim for 8 years now, and right from the beginning, in large group settings, I have always felt like she was talking directly to me or about my life. It’s just amazing how she knows exactly what to say at the right time. Kim has helped me more than she will ever know. I am truly grateful and appreciative!

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I am 17 years old, and I must tell you, Kim grabs my attention. I usually don’t remember speeches or sermons, but I remember when Kim speaks. She is relatable even to those who may not know Christ. Kim is smart, but she doesn’t make you feel dumb. That’s because Kim has a very realistic way of telling and showing concepts. But also, Kim has a way of answering questions that is effective in responding to skeptics.

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Kim Moore is one of the most passionate teachers I know. Her in-depth study and knowledge of God’s Word and truth are desperately needed in these times. She is well-grounded and doesn’t mince words. I consider it an honor to hear her speak and learn from her.

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Coaching with Kim has been truly life changing.  Her insight and wisdom have been a game changer on so many levels.  She has helped me see things from a Kingdom relational perspective, which I will be forever grateful for

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When Kim speaks, her passion for the truth and the well-being of the Body of Christ is evident. She has an incredible gift for seeing patterns of truth in scripture and teaching God’s people how to apply those truths to their lives. Her teaching of God’s Word has deeply strengthened my walk with the Lord.

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The first time I met Kim was on a Zoom call. I heard the Lord say, “When Kim speaks, I want you to listen.” That was three years ago. And I am still listening. Kim possesses a depth of insight and speaks truth with authority. But also, Kim displays genuine humility and a strong desire to know more of God’s love and power. I can say that Kim has changed how I look at and study God’s Word.

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Kim is a skillful surgeon removing everything within us that needs to go. I love all my sisters on this call because we can be ourselves and not have to pretend or hide. We can laugh together and encourage one another and for that I am so thankful for this group!

Invite Kim to Speak

Kim has been speaking and teaching for more than 25 years. Kim connects with the audience at both the head AND heart level in ways that are relatable, usable, and memorable. Once you hear Kim speak, you will want to hear her again and again.

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